Finally. An Earth-like planet. Although I use the words Earth-like with some reservation. It certainly would have been more appropriate to have referred to it as Earth-a little bit similar. All flippancy aside.
It has taken more than nine years for me to get here from Earth.
’It’s the chance of a lifetime’, said my editor, ‘you gotta grab these opportunities with both hands’.
So, here I am, having emerged two days ago from a near decade long Cryo-sleep. They say i’ve only aged 7% of what I normally would have over that period. You could say I’m a Younger, not an older brother now. But you can’t think about that stuff too much. It starts to drive you crazy.

So. Kandar. Sitting in the goldilocks zone of the New Eden system. New Eden. They couldn’t come up with a better name than that.
The vessel i’m on, The Corinth, is a serviceable transport used to bring company workers and new settlers here. It’s basic, but comfortable. Tomorrow they shuttle us down to Zuerst. The capital and about as comfortable and provisioned as it gets out here.
I’m flagging now. 9 years of Cryo takes a little time to properly wake up from, so i’m still spending most of my time asleep. Although my tongue is starting to work again. Apparently it’s a muscle. Who knew?